Here at Philip Ellis, we know how competitive the world of property letting and HMO management can be, and we believe that our success stories are worth celebrating! Nothing feels better to an estate agent at the end of the day than getting happy tenants in their new home and a happy landlord enjoying a stress-free letting experience.

Today we’re celebrating the seamless letting of a Home of Multiple Occupation (HMO) to a group of five tenants. Check out how we did this below:

Advice and Consultation

This landlord contacted us as this property was becoming vacant, and we sprang into action! Advising the client on the best time to advertise the property was crucial in order to attract students before the upcoming academic year. We also provided expert consultation on the local property market to help guide the rental price, while completing our in-depth property inspection and advising on legal compliance with HMO regulations.

Preparing the Property

After advising on the legal details, the real fun began! To attract prospective tenants, we ensured we had gorgeous property photography, accurate room measurements, detailed floor plans, and an enticing and informative description. Before long the viewings were flowing in and it was only a matter of time before we found the ideal tenants!

Finding the Tenants

Once the viewings were underway and the applications started coming in, we began vetting applicants to find the perfect fit! Our expert team meticulously assessed applications, ensuring they met the landlord's criteria and compliance requirements. We went the extra mile by pre-screening and securing a group of mature students, quickly getting their guarantors identified and paperwork prepped in advance of the upcoming academic year.

The Move-In

With a well-informed landlord, all property preparations complete, a secured group of future tenants, and the guarantors all sorted, signed, and sealed, we only had the final details to polish off before the HMO was ready for its new occupants! After sending off multiple contracts to each tenant and their guarantor, securing holding deposits and first rent payments, and completing the property inventory, we were ready to get these students into their new home. The result of this success story? Happy tenants and a happy landlord!

The world of HMO management is complex, with so many additional regulations to ensure compliance with before you can legally let out your property. This is why it is vital to consult with specialist HMO managers before listing your property on the market! Don’t get lost in the noise and risk hefty fines due to non-compliance; get in touch with the best lettings agents Manchester has to offer today, and take advantage of our expert advice and consultation service!

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