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Swinton is a town in Greater Manchester that is situated on the southwest of the River Irwell.

Swinton has a rich history spanning back centuries! Swinton’s name originates from the Old English pronunciation “Swynton” meaning “swine town”. Farming was the main industry in Swinton through locals supplementing their incomes by hand-loom woollen weaving.

Swinton is home to a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and a mix of semi-detached, terraced, and detached homes. Around this area are multiple OFSTED well-rated schools and a great range of public transport options to help you navigate the area easily.

It is home to nice outdoor park areas and a decent shopping area to make the weekly shop smooth sailing.

If you’re looking to travel by train, there are two nearby stations which are the Swinton Railway Station and Moorside Railway Station. If you’re looking to travel by bus, there are lots of bus routes that are running between Manchester City Centre, Trafford, and many other close by destinations.

When it comes to local legends, there have definitely been a few who have grown up in this area, from Ryan Giggs to Shaun Ryder. The creator of Coronation Street, Tony Warren, grew up in Pendlebury and visited a local Swinton café on the regular! Also, Madchester legend, Shaun Ryder, also grew up around the Swinton area and still lives there.

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