To apply for a rental property from Philip Ellis the following points apply:

  • • As a proposed tenant you must have a good credit history. Please disclose prior to application if you have any defaults, CCJ’s, IVA’s etc. Your credit score has no impact on the application
  • • The household income required to let a property is 30 x monthly rent or higher. Please ensure you complete the income section on the next page.
  • • If a guarantor is required then their income must be 35 x monthly rent or higher.
  • • If you are self employed you will need at least 2 years tax returns to confirm that your income is sufficient. If you can’t provide this you will need a guarantor
  • • If your application is accepted by the landlord an initial holding deposit equivalent to 1/52 (one week) of the annual rent - see ‘Initial Holding Deposit Form’ for further details.
  • • Upon acceptance of your application and once we have received the Initial holding deposit, we will pass your contact details to UKTenantdata who will then contact you by email to complete your pre-tenancy checks.
  • • In the case of joint-applicants, each joint-applicant must complete and submit a separate application form
  • • Any requirements to remove furniture, make alterations including decoration to the property must be specified on this form to be agreed prior to any applications being processed

Please contact our lettings department for further information and full terms & conditions

Upon Completion please return the form to:

Name of Agency: Philip Ellis Estate & Lettings
Address of Agency: 44 Bury Old Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6TL
Email Address:

In the case of joint applicants, each joint applicant must complete and submit a separate application form.

Please either photocopy this form for the number required before completing - or ask for the number of forms required.


To pass the income check to rent a property through Philip Ellis your household income required to let a property is 30x the monthly rent or higher.
E.g if the monthly rental income is £500.00 per calendar month would require a household income of at least £15,000 (500x30=15000).
If not a guarantor may be required, their income must be 35x the monthly rent or higher. E.g if the monthly rental income is £500.00 per calendar month would require an income of at least £17,500 (500x30=17500).

If employed

If a student

If anyone else is intended to occupy the property please list their name, ages and relationship to you below (including any children)

If you believe a Guarantor may be required please provide contact details

I agree to Philip Ellis Properties Ltd making whatever enquiries, including a credit check they deem necessary in connection with this application for a tenancy. I authorise my employer, my bank / building society, a local authority (if I was previously a council tenant) and the current or former landlord, to provide information about me, any prior tenancy history, and any employment / financial affairs as appropriate to the Landlord's enquiries

I consent to receiving my copy of ‘How to rent: a checklist for renting in England’, the energy performance certificate report (EPC) or any other documentation relating to the proposed tenancy via the given email address.

I understand that I have to provide original documents proving the right to reside in the United Kingdom for all potential occupiers in the presence of the landlord or the agent. I understand that if I do not provide these documents for all occupiers then I will not be granted a tenancy.

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and the information given above is true and accurate.
I confirm that no one will be living in the property except anyone who is named above.
I confirm that the financial information I have provided is true, factual and meets the required criteria to let a property through Philip Ellis Properties Limited.
I understand that if any of the information in this application form is false or misleading I may not be entitled to a refund of any holding deposit taken in relation to this application.


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