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Location, Location, Location: Prestwich, Whitefield, and Salford

Location, Location, Location: Prestwich, Whitefield, and Salford

Buying a property is an exciting time, especially for first-time buyers. There is nothing like walking into a property and being able to see how your lives could play out in that home over the next few years. You know instantly that this is the property for you and this is where you want to be. But, for many, finding this feeling is a much more difficult task than at first expected. The feeling of love at first sight is often an evasive one if you are not completely certain that this is the area you want to be in. There are many points to consider to see if the property is for you. Particularly, can you see yourself living in that area indefinitely? We have compiled three overviews of some of Greater Manchester’s best areas, to try and make this decision as easy as possible.


Located in the borough of Bury, Prestwich is a leafy suburban town that is very much on the up. Numerous regeneration plans are set for Prestwich town centre, which will transform the quaint town centre it is into a modern, lively hub where Prestwich’s community spirit will blossom. The estimated population of Prestwich is 34,400. It is an affluent area where the Mancunian vibe is alive and kicking. Greater Manchester residents voted Prestwich as one of the top five places to live in Greater Manchester. This is due to the close knit-community and good access to the buzz of the city centre.


Businesses are taking notice of the great opportunities and are opening chic restaurants and bars in the town centre. There are wine bars like Cuckoo and All The Shapes which are becoming more popular with the local residents. Restaurants like Croma, Solita and Tao’s offer a taste of the world on your doorstep.

There are many good schools including four secondary schools. This combined with affordable housing and fantastic transport links make it an ideal place to settle a family.

Heaton Park attracts thousands of visitors each year and needs little introduction. It hosts some of the UK’s biggest music events of the year like Parklife festival. There are other places to take some time out of city living and connect with nature. In Prestwich Clough, you are able to enjoy wildlife and woodland.

Prestwich is home to popular restaurants such as Croma, the Dotted Note and the Antolian Grill. The town centre has many independent shops where you come across items with character. You will not be able to find these rare gems in the chain stores of the Arndale or Trafford Centre. Prestwich has concerts, comedy, a beer festival and its own Christmas markets during the festive season. It has everything you get in the city, but with a stronger sense of community.

Prestwich is close to the M60 giving fantastic access to commuters across the surrounding areas. Bury New road runs through Prestwich straight to Manchester city centre. It gives easy access to the big city for those looking for a lively night out filled with bars and dancing, or Manchester’s vibrant culture. You have access to museums, art galleries, and extreme sports within a 20-minute drive from Prestwich.

The best place to live?

There is no one location in Prestwich that is the best for everyone. Everyone has different desires and needs when looking for their perfect property, but Prestwich is diverse. You will be able to find the location best for you.

The lead singer of Elbow, Guy Garvey, saw the tree-lined streets of Guest Road as the perfect location to settle. Another popular location is Poppythorn lane which boasts beautiful Edwardian semis. Families tend to go for the green Gardner Road and Heaton Street areas which are full of parks and play areas for children.


In 2016, the Bury Times reported that Whitefield had been voted the most desirable place to live in Bury, Greater Manchester. It is just North of Prestwich and less than five miles away from the city centre. It offers quick access to city life but remains a place of individuality in the Greater Manchester area with its own charm.


There is easy access to the M60 from Whitefield. Transport links around Manchester and to the city centre are excellent. This means you get the best of both worlds living in Whitefield. You have access to the quieter, suburban life of greater Manchester with great connections to nature, but also the dynamic city centre. You are at the world’s biggest football events and entertainment events in just a few minutes.

As a part of Bury, Whitefield is close to the great countryside. If you are looking for a place with open spaces, Phillips Park in Whitefield could be where to go. The park holds activities for the whole family and is part of a £4 million, five-year plan of regeneration in the area.

For the chocolate lovers, there is the world-famous Slattery. It is renowned for its amazing chocolate. You can go and eat, shop or even do a course in chocolate making. Whitefield is full of surprises. It is home to one of the oldest musical organisations in the UK: Besses o’ th’ Barn Band. The band was founded in 1818 in what is now Whitefield. They play regularly in the local area so you experience a traditional piece of Whitefield’s history.

Whitefield is also home to a number of sports teams for children and adults alike. The Sedgley Park Tigers rugby team is a real community club. Children from 7 years old can join and enjoy playing, making friends, and get to know their community.

The best place to live?

According to crime figures from 2012, Whitefield is one of the safest places to live in Greater Manchester. It scored lower for robbery, burglary, vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour. This makes Whitefields streets a great choice for families and singletons.

When it comes specifically to the best place to live in Whitefield, again, this depends on the person. But Whitefield offers a range of properties to suit everyone’s needs. From affordable studio apartments to houses perfect for big families, there is somewhere in Whitefield that could be the location of your dream home.


Salford has often been dubbed as Manchester’s annoying younger brother. But, the people saying this do not realise that Salford has loads of great attractions of its own that cannot be found in Manchester. From great education facilities to entertainment, Salford has many things to boast about.


As it is so close to Manchester city centre, much of Salford’s transport links are shared with Manchester. Trams, buses, and trains run between Manchester and the rest of the region bringing easy access for commuters.

Salford University is a world-class university choice for education bringing a lively student community to the surrounding areas. But two of Salford’s biggest selling points are the Salford Quays and Media city. From windsurfing to wakeboarding, try a variety of new hobbies at Salford Quays. Cruise along the ship canal from the Quays to Merseyside, or explore the Irwell Sculpture Trail which ends up in Salford Quays. Keep an eye out for Quays Culture, an innovative international arts programme which animates outdoor spaces.

MediaCityUK is an unrivalled creative, leisure and digital hub. It is where BBC North, ITV, Coronation Street, BBC Philharmonic call home. Take a tour or join the audience at one of the many shows filmed there. Despite its rising popularity, the bars, restaurants, pubs, and clubs in Salford are remaining affordable. There is loads to experience, like with other great northern cities. See art, concerts, and theatre performances across the city right on your doorstep.

The best place to live?

There are loads of nice areas to choose from in Salford with good local schools and amenities. Popular areas include Ellenbrook and Boothstow due to their modern housing options and a new bus route there. If money is not an object, Worsley has upmarket housing with great schools and a growing cafe-bar culture.

Young professionals who are looking to be closer to Manchester could consider Lowry Wharf on the outskirts of the city centre. Around the corner, the £100 million regeneration of the Ordsall estate has been completed, providing modern housing to suit families. Whatever your needs Salford will have the perfect area for you. If you find none of these options are for you, some of the newer developments in progress like Clippers Quay could provide a modern experience of city life when completed.

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