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Why I Think Prestwich and Whitefield Are The Places To Live in Greater Manchester

Why I Think Prestwich and Whitefield Are The Places To Live in Greater Manchester

Why I Think Prestwich and Whitefield Are The Places To Live in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester appears to be the city on everyone’s lips and is regularly coming top or nearly top of various lists as the place to visit or live and is the centre of the “northern powerhouse”. I want to take those lists and narrow them down by area and say why I think North Manchester specifically Prestwich and Whitefield should be everyone’s “go to” place if you’re thinking about moving.

Geographically next to each other people who don’t know the area can be forgiven for thinking that Prestwich and Whitefield are one and the same, but for those of us that live in the vicinity I can assure you, they both have very distinct attributes and are the cause of some very lighthearted banter as to where is better – Prestwich or Whitefield. For the record the answer is they are as good as each other and here are my top five reasons why:

In my opinion (a slightly boring but necessary reason) – they are the perfect distance from Manchester City Centre, just 20 minutes in the car (not including rush hour, let’s be honest nowhere is just 20 minutes in rush hour), both have great access to public transport and the national motorway network.

  • In recent times there has been much hype that they are becoming the “Didsbury” of North Manchester with one long stretch of cafes, bars and restaurants all along the main road from Prestwich through to Whitefield – they provide the perfect setting for a great night out minus the city centre prices.

Extremely family orientated with plenty on offer for children including lots of parks the highlight of which must be Prestwich based Heaton Park – the largest municipal park in Europe it boasts its own boating lake, golf course, farm, play area plus much more.

  • They have every possible amenity on their doorstep, off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 supermarkets some of them not more than 5 minutes from each other, the same applies to schools, medical centre’s and dentists.

Completely multicultural with lots of faith-based institutions from schools to churches, mosques and synagogues. One church in Whitefield is an architectural delight built by the same architect who designed the Palace of Westminster (Charles Barry) it never fails to impress with its splendor.

There you have it – my top 5 reasons for moving to either Prestwich or Whitefield. In all honesty they are just the tip of the iceberg, I can think of so many more reasons not least of which is how friendly and supportive everyone is. That is something I can 100% vouch for knowing how the community have come together whenever I have organised charity events. Who wouldn’t want to live in such great areas and be part of a fantastic community?

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