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On or Off Market That Is The Question

On or Off Market That Is The Question

On or Off Market – That Is The Question

There is nothing quite like a “sale”board and Online Portals to announce to the entire world your plans to sell your home.
Boards, Rightmove, Zoopla, Social Media etc. are all great ways to market your property and get it seen by potential buyers from all over the UK and beyond. However not everyone wants the world and its wife to know their plans, which raises the question: How do you get around this?

One answer is – an off-market sale. How does that work? I can’t speak for other agents, but I have a list of “hot buyers”. These are people who are struggling to find their dream property and like to be informed of any potential properties coming on the market.
This is the perfect scenario for vendor’s and buyers and here are a few of my reasons why:


1) Vendor’s that ideally want a quick sale and are worried about their homes sitting on the market for months.

2) The thought of having agents, photographers taking over their home horrifies them, and they don’t really want the neighbours knowing their plans.

3) Normally speeds the entire process up from valuation right through to completion.


1) Buyer’s feel special knowing they’re not having to compete with lots of other applicants for the same property.

2) Sense of security as no one would agree to allow a viewing to go ahead without marketing their home first unless they’re extremely serious about selling.

I’m sure you’re wondering how often does this happen?

Well here at Philip Ellis it is becoming a regular occurrence. We valued a property at the end of October who had all the above concerns as it’s a “high end” property. I explained I had a list of buyers etc and would see what I could do. At this point I contacted a potential buyer that I knew the property would be perfect for. He was instantly interested, viewed it twice within a week and a sale was agreed by 31st October. Last week it exchanged with completion set for next week, this means the whole process took 7 weeks from valuation to exchange. We are also currently negotiating a sale on another property in the exact same way.

If the thought of having to actively market your property is preventing you taking that first step, and would like some more info about possibly securing an “off market” sale then get in touch with Philip Ellis Estate Agents Manchester today.


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