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Brightening Up Your Home One Room At A Time

Brightening Up Your Home One Room At A Time

Last week I talked about various options if you’re after a new property look whether it be changing your own home or buying a new one.

This week I thought I would go into a bit more detail, and focus on how you can update your current home one room at a time. The perfect way to have a change without it costing a small fortune.

Don’t know which room to do first? General feeling is the room that is most in need of updating or the one you spend the most time in. During this blog I am going to concentrate on the lounge.

Most people find that the lounge is the focal point of the home. It is where they spend the most free time in front of the TV or entertaining guests. For this reason alone you want it to look fresh and in my personal opinion should have a timeless look rather than one the is so fashionable and of the moment that it will date very quickly.

As an estate agent it’s all about promoting neutral colours to help sell a property, however if you’re already in your forever home, there is nothing wrong with colour. It can be just a feature wall with a bright colour or the whole room in a more muted colour or paper.

Other ways to change the look is by moving furniture around or changing it. Small accessories can also make a huge difference, such as candles, photo frames, scatter cushions. These small items are also a really good way of introducing colour, personalising your home if you prefer neutral walls.

If re-doing a room is something you’re planning on doing, websites such as pinterest are great ways to play with ideas by creating mood boards and seeing what other people have done. Why not have a look, you never know when inspiration might hit…

As always, for more information, get in touch with the best estate agents in Whitefield today!


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