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Business Networking

Business Networking

Business Networking

From business breakfasts, to after work events, networking can be a great way to help support local businesses and community.

Looking to meet new people or cement relationships with existing contacts? There is always something to be gained from attending a local networking event. Failing that you are always guaranteed a tea or coffee as a minimum. They are the perfect opportunity for you to have your 5 minutes in the limelight to promote your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the process of setting up a business, or established and looking to grow, networking can be a great way to go. A quick google search will bring up lots of events in your area. Eventbrite is a great website, it lists all events in your area with a description. This is invaluable when trying to decide if the event is right for you.

If you prefer more structured events then BNI could be for you. It provides a set weekly routine and a massive referral system so there is everything to gain by becoming a member. However, this does come at quite a cost both financially and time wise and I would make sure you investigate it thoroughly before you commit.

Everyone has different reasons for attending networking events, for me it’s about helping to bring local community and business together. Whilst there is a charge to attend the events we run, it is minimal to cover our costs. All the profits go to our designated charity which is Manchester’s Cash for Kids.

I believe that true success comes from helping and supporting community. We use local centres and businesses to hold them in and cater them, ensuring we are involving the community without even trying.

Most importantly we don’t run them under our own name, they are not about Philip Ellis but the community so the name and the way they are run should reflect that.

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