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How to Know it’s the Right Time to Sell your Property

How to Know it’s the Right Time to Sell your Property

It may never seem like the ‘right’ time, but without getting too deep, is there ever a ‘right’ time for anything?!

Well, that’s entirely your decision, but we’ve written this blog to hopefully make things a little easier for you.

We’re going to give you a hand by exploring some of the potential reasons why you might consider selling your property, and how we can help you.

So, let’s get started…

Have You Outgrown the House?

Whether you’ve outgrown your home because you’ve got more children than you have bedrooms or because you’re simply running out of room, you might be at a point where you just can’t rely on storage-furniture anymore.

This is bound to drive anyone a little bit crazy, so, instead of becoming frustrated and beginning to feel trapped inside your own home, nip it in the bud and get on the hunt for your new forever home, pronto.

Consider the Season

Typically, spring is thought to be the best time to sell your property for reasons such as the sunny weather (we say that with our fingers crossed) and gardens in full bloom, meaning you can show your property off at its absolute best.

The extra couple of warm days (we realise we’re pushing it here with the North West, but we can dream) puts people in a good mood and gets them thinking about the future, making them more likely to jump on the property hunt.

If you have children and you’re considering selling up, choosing a new area which is child-friendly in terms of safety, schools and parks is an essential element, which we will go into later on in the blog.

This is another reason to choose the spring months to begin hunting, as it’s likely to tie your move in with school summer holidays.

Something else which we think you should bear in mind given the fact we’re up North is our chances of enjoying a few days of snow throughout winter.

So, when it comes to getting the photographs taken of your property and your house resembles an igloo with snow all over it, it might not be thebest idea to get the snaps done until it’s all cleared up, and the snowmen have completely melted.

If we think about it more practically, if you were to get the photographs taken on a snowy day, and it’s getting nearer summertime and your house still hasn’t sold, this may deter potential buyers away even further, as it’s pretty obvious when the photos were taken and how long your property has been on the market — not ideal!

Speaking of Snow…

So this is when the time isn’t right to sell the property.

We all like to take time out at Christmas to relax and spend quality time together, and we hate to break it to you, this is no different for the professionals involved in the transaction of moving house.

Whether it’s the Surveyor, your Mortgage Broker/Lender or Conveyancing Solicitor, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be a slower process over the holiday shut down than normal.

This is something which you may not necessarily think of automatically, but it’s a good one to remember.

Have You Become Emotionally Detached?

Keep with us, we know this is a little bit deep, but it does happen.

Perhaps you’ve raised your children and they’ve all left the family home, and you’re going through empty-nest syndrome. Maybe your house doesn’t feel like home anymore without the kids.

Or maybe, for whatever reason, you’re not in the happy place you once were when you started living there, and you feel that urgency of dread or unhappiness when finding your keys when you leave the office.

If you’re constantly thinking or dreaming about going home to another property, especially if you’ve had your eye on one for a while and you can’t imagine being anywhere else, then this is probably the biggest sign you can have that you’ve got a disconnect from your current home.

It’s time to get moving!

Are You Finding It Difficult to Maintain?

You might be in a situation where you’re simply struggling to stay on top of the general up-keep of the house.

If you’ve got a decent-sized garden, and every time you’re looking outside your window it resembles a British jungle, then it’s fair to say that your gardening days are well and truly behind you.

You might be at a stage where you simply don’t need the number of bedrooms you’ve got anymore. All of your children have left the family home, and there are only two in your home these days.

Too much upkeep, and more importantly, too much hoovering that you need to be thinking about — get out of there!

Thinking About the Little Ones

It’s general knowledge and a mutual feeling of every parent: the dreaded school admissions, which seem to become more and more stressful with each passing year.

In the North West, admissions for primary and secondary schools usually have a deadline around mid-January, and you’ll find out around May whether you’ve got the school of choice within your catchment area.

Once your child turns four, this is the best time for you to apply for the school you want your little one to go to.

Of course, this is a pretty important element of your home life because it’s going to make a difference on when and where you need to apply for your children to go to school, depending on where you are and if the Ofsted report is good.

This is something Philip Ellis can help you with if there is a school in the Whitefield and Prestwich areas that you’re really eager to get your children into. We’ll find you the right property to make this happen.

The Growth Areas

When you begin to work with Philip Ellis, there are a couple of things that we’ll prompt you to think about in terms of appreciation.

Firstly, where are you currently based, and what do you have around you that gives you a reason to sell, but could potentially be a goldmine to new buyers.

Think about the general civil infrastructure you have around your current house. Is there an airport nearby and you can’t put up with the constant loud noise of a plane flying over every house?

Or perhaps, it’s the lack of metro links you have around you and it’s becoming an issue getting to and from work at a reasonable time.

Additionally, what leisure facilities have you got around you? Perhaps your children are unable to take part in sporting clubs due to the lack of facilities you have available, and the closest swimming baths is a 45-minute drive away.

Thinking about your religion is also an essential component of everyday life. Perhaps you want to visit your local place of worship every evening.

There are many considerations of growth plans that you should consider when selling your home. What can become of value? Even the local shopping centres such as the Trafford Centre and high street are going to be appealing to the right buyer if they’re nearby, depending on your preferences, of course.

Take the Plunge!

A lot to consider, right?

But it doesn’t all have to be heavy, so you’re feeling like it’s weighing you down, that’s where Philip Ellis come in (not all superheroes wear capes, you know) and make your life a lot easier.

Not only can we advise you on whether we think you’re doing the right thing, but we can also help you to find your forever home in your ideal location in the Prestwich and Whitefield areas.

If you take away anything from this blog, note that regardless of the decision you make, it’s got to be the right decision for you. If it’s not, your heart isn’t going to be in it and this won’t end well.

So, if you feel like you need advice on your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today. Get in touch with the best estate agents Manchester has!


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