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What is an Estate Agent’s Role in Selling a House?

When it comes to selling a house, estate agents go far beyond just sticking a big board in people’s gardens with “FOR SALE” written on it. Well,we do a lot more than that, and we’d like to think other estate agents’ roles in selling a house are a little more in-depth, too.

Putting a property on the market isn’t a decision that everyone reaches easily. There are all sorts of personal and financial factors that can run rampant in a person’s mind, so it’s important to find an estate agent who understands what they’re doing. This way, you can be sure you’re making the right choice and getting the most out of the sale.

To highlight exactly what goes into the sales process, we thought it’d be a great idea to talk you through the extra special steps Philip Ellis takes when selling your property.

Listening to Your Story

The sales journey is different for everyone. Some people sell up because they no longer need the space, others sell because they’re excited about starting a brand new adventure. Whatever the reason for you wanting to put your house on the market, we’ll take the time to listen to your story.

We feel this first step is actually the most crucial in the process. Understanding why you’re putting your property on the market allows us to find the right type of buyer for you. You may want your house sold quietly, in which case we might source an off-plan buyer. Alternatively, you may be in no rush to sell, making the number one priority achieving the best possible price.

Plus, you want to deal with people who are on the same wavelength as you and who will show your house the respect it deserves. A salesperson who doesn’t take the time to understand your needs won’t have your best interests at heart.

Our clients have always been our top priority, and we pride ourselves on delivering a service that ticks all the boxes. You can even see our genuine feedback for yourself.

Finding the True Value

We can’t really put a house up for sale without knowing the ins and outs of the property we’re putting onto the market. With this in mind, we offer free property valuations in the Greater Manchester area

A lot of factors go into determining a property’s market value, from the amount of rooms you have to how close the schools and shops are. In order to come up with the most accurate sales price, we take note of every plus point, which are later showcased in your home’s advertising.

The valuation doesn’t stop there, though. No matter how stunning a property is, there’s always a potential buyer who will point out the tiniest flaws in an effort to get the price down.

To stop the likelihood of this happening, we pick out these minor issues ourselves (if there are any). This way, we can advise you on how to best prepare your property for sale and whether or not small issues will have a drastic effect on the price.

And remember, our valuation is completely free, so there’s genuinely nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting in touch.

Prestige Marketing

Once you’ve given us the greenlight to go ahead and put your property up for sale, we can really start to put the wheels in motion. The most important aspect for getting a great sales price in the shortest possible time is for the marketing to be in-depth and eye-catching. Let’s take a closer look at how we go about this.

Professional Pics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, we think they can be worth a lot more than that with the right equipment.

Technology has really helped us snap the best pics possible for our clients in recent years. Using drones as part of our Philip Ellis Prestige package, we can take exceptional aerial shots of your property to show potential buyers the full layout of your land.

A bird’s-eye photo of your house also answers one of the biggest questions that pops up in property sales: what’s the condition of the roof like? It sure is nice to say your roof is in tip-top shape and for you to have a picture to prove it.

Drones are just the start, though. We can also use a 3D image camera which essentially stitches pictures together. Instead of clicking through individual slides, potential buyers can take a virtual tour through your house, giving them a much better idea of what your property is like.

Our Sales Manager Danielle put it best by saying “it’s like having Google Earth inside your home.”

Social (Media) Butterflies

An Estate agent’s role in selling a house even crosses over into the digital world. As such, we also market properties on social media.

In particular, we like to make use of Facebook. So many people are on it these days that it just makes sense for us to use the platform as a way of giving the sales process an extra boost. We can put up a post listing your home for sale, and we can add a few nice pictures, too.

For our Prestige package clients, we like to go a little bit further by creating our very own teaser videos. Think of your property as a big budget Hollywood production and our Facebook vid as the trailer that gets people interested. They’re not just for fun; they really do generate genuine enquiries.

Bespoke Brochures

And the marketing techniques just keep coming! Our high-quality brochures truly help your property stand out, even in a crowded market. This is because we go all out in producing them.

From the beautiful, glossy pictures to the powerfully persuasive language we use, our brochures are the pinnacle in property marketing.

In fact, they’re so good that you may end up putting in a bid for your own house after having a read!

The Option for Off-Market

Not everyone wants the sale of their property to be made public. Because of this, we’ve tailored our approach to meet the needs of clients who prefer the off-market route.

Thanks to our vast experience in off-market sales, we can help you find a serious buyer in a short amount of time without intruding on your privacy. This is because many off-market buyers only need to know how your property fits into their criteria-spec; no marketing, no repeat visits.

Much like we said earlier, everyone sells up for different reasons. While we’re glad to talk things through with you, we understand that not everyone wants to chat about it.

If an off-market sale sounds right for you, then make sure you get in contact.

Our Trusted Partners

In the same way the people of Prestwich and Whitefield trust us to sell their houses and flats, we have our own set of trusted partners who help us to get the job done.

When we’re looking for solicitors to assist with residential conveyancing, we turn to two local law firms who have in-depth knowledge and experience. Both of which are also accredited by The Law Society for Conveyancing Quality.

And as Energy Performance Certificates are mandatory for selling properties, we can help you make sure your certificate is valid and up to date.

So, What is an Estate Agent’s Role in Selling a Property?

Hopefully, you can see just how much work a dedicated estate agent is willing to put into getting your property noticed.

By listening to your needs, giving your property a thorough look-over and by exploring innovative marketing techniques, we like to think we offer a service that can’t be matched by any other estate agent.

If you’re looking to put your property up for sale, get in touch with the best estate agent Manchesterhas to offer, and chat with a member of our team today for a free property valuation.


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