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How is Property Marketing Technology Changing Sales?

How is Property Marketing Technology Changing Sales?

Technology has changed the way we live our everyday lives. I don’t know about you, but I never thought I’d be able to have a conversation with my TV, fridge and coffee maker when I was little. As far as I was concerned, “smart” technology was the stuff of science-fiction.

And it’s not just home appliances that have evolved over the years; the very way we search for homes has changed, too.

Buying and selling property today is nothing like how it was just two decades ago. With the rise of the internet, we’ve become more savvy about making big purchases and life-changing decisions. Gone are the days where we take people and places on their face value.

Estate agents have had to move with the times as well to offer clients a better service. To achieve this, we’ve set off on the path of becoming tech experts ourselves.

Let’s take a look at how agents are using property marketing technology to sell properties like yours.

Rise of the Machines

Thankfully, I’m on about computers and mobile phones as opposed to Terminators. For many of us, having a look on the internet for ideal properties has become the first port of call.

We understand the reason why, too. Travelling all across the city looking at houses and apartment buildings can be tiring, time-consuming and the cost of petrol will certainly add up by the end of the search. Let’s not even get into how the Great British weather means buyers could be property hunting in a heatwave, torrential downpour or hailstorm.

Having easy access to the internet means buyers can browse through properties that interest them without the hassle. They can even take a look at potential homes out of travelling distance, just to see if it’d be worth moving somewhere completely different.

Being able to check out the latest properties wherever you are and a time that suits you has been a real benefit for buyers and sellers alike. The internet and computers might not be specific property marketing technology, but it definitely changed the game for all of us.

Of course, looking for properties online has become such a norm, that it’s hardly a standout benefit that an estate agent is internet-savvy. So, what are the best estate agents doing to make the most of modern technology?

Going Social

We can’t talk about how much the property marketing landscape has changed without mentioning social media. Pretty much everyone with access to the internet has at least one social media account, so it has become a great place for advertising property and property services.

Estate agents are using sites like Facebook to reach a huge audience, with the added bonus of interested parties being able to send direct messages to agents through the site. It’s great for catching the eye of house hunters who are always on the lookout for a new property, which is why we put up posts with photos for our clients, too.

For us personally, Facebook has given us a way to connect more with our customer base, and we show that in our posts. We even create fun “teaser” videos for Facebook to draw in people’s attention with something that’s a little bit different and unexpected.

Say Cheese!

The best way to advertise your property is with pictures. We’ve talked to many buyers before who said they fell in love with a property just from seeing the photos online. Knowing how powerful the visual aspects of browsing for a new home can be, special cameras have become one of the most popular property marketing technology advancements in the last few years.

Many buyers want to see how the full layout of the land they’re buying looks, and drones have made this a possibility. From high up, house hunters can get a much better idea of how big the gardens and the property are.

As an added bonus, it gives potential buyers a look at the quality of the roof, too.

3D image cameras have also changed the way we look at properties on computers. By taking pictures in certain strategic places, we can join images together, and it gives potential buyers a chance to take a virtual tour around your property. It’s kind of like having Google Earth inside your home.

And speaking of virtual…

The Virtual World

If you ever needed proof that the future is now, then look no further than the world of virtual reality. It’s absolutely mind-boggling what this piece of property marketing technology is doing for buyers.

Instead of looking at pictures and scrolling through a tour on a screen, VR headsets are literally giving house hunters the point of view they would have if they moved into your property.

While this isn’t widely available to us all yet, it’s set to completely revolutionise how we all view potential homes. With VR, it’s possible to change the wall colours, furniture, bath suites, and almost anything else you can think of to plan out exactly how buyers want the place to look.

It won’t be too long before estate agents are able to showcase properties for their customers and clients this way, and we honestly can’t wait to see how ours will use it to construct their dream homes!

Technology is Just One Aspect

It felt a little weird writing that heading considering this entire blog is about exploring property marketing technology. However, it’s true; technology is just one aspect of the selling process.

The other aspect is finding an estate agent who doesn’t rely solely on flashy gadgets to make the sale. Instead, they can combine 21st century property marketing technology with good old-fashioned local expertise and service.

At Philip Ellis Estate Agents Manchester, we understand that selling a property isn’t an everyday occurrence. There are probably more than a few questions you have about putting your property on the market, and we aim to make things as clear as possible to make selling as easy as can be.

If you’re about to put your property up for sale, we’ll provide you with a free valuation and answer any questions you might have, including any queries you may have about implementing technology as part of the sale.


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