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Why Are Properties for Sale in Prestwich and Whitefield so Popular?

Why Are Properties for Sale in Prestwich and Whitefield so Popular?

Have you ever wondered why properties for sale in Prestwich and Whitefield are so popular? Well, the simple answer is that Prestwich and Whitefield are just great places to live in.

Obviously, though, there are specific reasons that make these areas so desirable to potential buyers, and it’s impossible to single out one major factor. After all, no one makes a monumental decision to move house without being 100% sure the area they’re moving to is perfect for them.

Because of this, we’ve come up with a list of the best reasons house hunters look towards Prestwich and Whitefield to find their ideal home.

First-Time Buyers and Families

There’s a misconception that all houses in our neck of the woods are more or less exclusive to buyers with deep pockets, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are certain streets where properties demand a higher sum, we can’t deny that, but there are also thousands of terraced and semi-detached properties here that are highly affordable.

Because there are so many gems in Prestwich and Whitefield, it’s becoming more and more popular with first-time buyers looking to get on the property ladder. Homes on Thatch Leach Lane, for example, can be very reasonable, with the latest sale for a two-bed semi-detached coming in at £165,000 (07 June 2019).

And it’s not just first-time buyers that are looking towards Prestwich and Whitefield; young families are, too. It’s no surprise to hear this when you realise almost every school across the two towns have a Good or Outstanding rating from Ofsted.

Of course, it takes an estate agent with thorough knowledge of Prestwich and Whitefield to find homes perfect for first-time buyers and young families. As these demographics are so important, you’ll need to make sure your estate agent has the know-how to point out these factors to anyone looking to buy in the area.

Proximity to Manchester

City centre living isn’t for most people, and a lot of house hunters looking at properties for sale in Prestwich and Whitefield feel this way. But despite not wanting to live in the heart of Manchester, people still need to get to and from the city for work and socialising.

This is another reason why Prestwich and Whitefield have become such popular places to live over the years. Property prices in Manchester city centre are high, so for junior office staff and shop workers there, it would cost them way too much to buy an apartment in the area, let alone a house.

What Prestwich and Whitefield can offer these workers is a great place to live at an affordable price that are only a short distance from the city centre. The Metrolink stations also help a lot in this respect, as a trip from Prestwich to Manchester takes only half an hour or so.

Sellers will want to make sure the great transport links into Manchester are pointed out to all potential buyers, so it helps to have an estate agent who knows the layout of the land well enough to show house hunters exactly where these stops are.

Growing Social and Commercial Scenes

Then again, people looking for properties in Prestwich and Whitefield can choose to forgo Manchester altogether if they’re looking for places to shop and socialise.

Bury’s Rock Shopping Centre is home to over 40 stores selling everything from clothes to video games and from greetings cards to jewellery. And when residents want to take a break from shopping, they can pop into one of the many coffee shops or restaurants on site.

There’s even a gym, a cinema and a bowling alley nearby, so there’s no shortage of fun things to do.

What’s more, Bury Council recently bought a restaurant on Bury New Road in Prestwich as a means of adding more commerce to the area. Plans are also in place for a new gym, cinema, hotel and office suites, as well.

With plans for a Prestwich regeneration project in the wings, it will show potential buyers there’s a huge amount of value that will come from living there. If you’re looking to sell a property in Prestwich, finding an estate agent who is constantly on the ball when it comes to future plans should be your priority.

A Wholesome Community

We saved the best for last. When it comes to looking for properties for sale in Prestwich and Whitefield, people want more than just a house; they want to become part of the community.

Luckily, there’s a huge amount of community spirit around these parts!

Just a few minutes away in Heaton Park, there’s a weekly running event every Saturday, which is great for those who want to keep fit and meet new people. Over in Whitefield, residents can rally around the Sedgley Tigers, the local rugby team.

While sporting events can certainly create a sense of community, we know that religion plays a huge part in the lives of Prestwich and Whitefield residents. This is why you’ll find synagogues, churches and mosques in the area, so everyone has a means of practising their faith.

Quizzing your estate agent on their knowledge of the local area is a sure-fire way to check how well they really know Prestwich and Whitefield. You should be sure, then, to only sell your property with an agent who knows the area like the back of their hand.

Are You Looking to Sell in Prestwich or Whitefield?

Prestwich and Whitefield are great areas to live in, but we understand that life and circumstances can get in the way, meaning you may need to move out of the area.

If you’re looking to put your property up for sale in Prestwich or Whitefield, you’ll want to find an estate agent who can do more than just point out how nice your house is; they have to be capable of selling the whole area, too.

Philip Ellis Estate Agents are the best estate agents Whitefield has to offer, so get in touch with us today for a free property valuation to get the ball rolling.


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