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Why is it important to get your garden ready for moving home?

Why is it important to get your garden ready for moving home?

Your garden is a huge factor in a potential buyer's decision. There are a few reasons why gardens are important when selling your home. First impressions are important, so having a neat and tidy garden, especially during the difficult colder months will help to increase the property value by impressing the buyer therefore speeding up the selling process.

In this blog, we are going to be giving you an insight into how to prepare your garden for the fall months leading into winter. Continue reading to find out more…

Dig up the annual flowers and add them to your compost

Annual flowers are a great way to bring colour into your garden. It might seem more counterproductive to dig them up after spring and summer but there is an interesting purpose to it, here’s why… annual flowers are great during the brighter seasons but as autumn and winter come back around, they will struggle more. To get the most out of them, try uprooting them just before the new season begins and add them to your compost.

If you have a swimming pool or a garden pond, make sure to keep them covered

During the spring and summer seasons, it’s nice to have a garden pond on display and a swimming pool to use for family and friends, but when the colder months begin it could cause damage and create more hassle than you need. To avoid leaves, gunk, and bacteria from entering the waters, make sure to empty the pool water and then cover it over until the brighter weather comes back around. For ponds, it’s best to give the water a cleanse and then cover it over with a net to help prevent it from freezing over and still give wildlife a chance during the cold months.

There are lots more different ways to keep your garden in tip-top shape as the seasons change. You could also keep garden furniture in top quality by covering them over and storing your garden tools in safe and durable storage.

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